Where precious metals meet NFTs

We bring securely vaulted and redeemable physical silver to NFT projects, for REAL WORLD VALUE!

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How Does SilverBacked Work?

Very well, actually.

We tokenize physical silver on the blockchain, then place it in pools for use with NFTs – staking, rewards, etc. All the nitty-gritty details are in our white paper (coming soon).

100% Backed
100% of the Time

  • We utilize the LD2 protocol to ensure all NFTs are 100% backed by silver at all times. No exceptions.

  • The silver is stored in a secure vaulting facility in Las Vegas, NV, using a time-tested UCC warehouse receipt structure.

The Benefit

NFT owners are often unsure of what real value their assets hold. By connecting NFTs to silver, the value becomes clear. SilverBacked assets help creators set their collections apart.

A smarter way to invest in NFTs.
Creative marketing for NFTs collections.

Whether you’re an NFT content creator, NFT community member, or a savvy NFT investor, your NFTs should be SilverBacked.

How it works

How it works?

We work with NFT creators to design the right program for their unique collection. Then we build the solution and back it with silver. That’s SilverBacked.

Real-World Silver Joins NFTs

By combining blockchain technology with traditional precious metal assets, SilverBacked is adding value to the blockchain, one transaction at a time.

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